Rescued does not mean damaged
It means it has been let down by humans
You can't change a dog past
but you can rewrite it's future
Second hand pets
make first class animals
I adopted my
best friend
I got to grow old
because I was adopted

About us

There are many pets who are left to die on the streets of Russia, just because people don’t want them, or they get born into the wild. There is a huge pet problem in Russia, just because on one hand there’s not an effective sterilisation program, and on the other side, people don’t really care about them.

Many of them end up in shelters, or just die without ever have the change on a warm life. Many of them are found at abandoned places like industrial areas, vacation houses or just in garbage containers on the streets of Russia.

Luckily there are many volunteers in Russia that have a hart for those poor souls, and rescue them. Once puppies or kittens are rescued, they take them into safety in forms of foster families, go to the vet to get a full checkup, get vaccinated, fed and are nursed back to health. Once they are healthy, and at least 4 months old, they are ready to travel and find a golden basket.

We are currently brokers who are in contact with volunteers in Russia and the Netherlands. Me, Marco Peters, and my wife Elena Smirnova are passionate about pets. Marco was born in the Netherlands and is responsible for the screening process on the Dutch market, the marketing like website and all of the advertising for the pets. Elena Smirnova is born in Latvia, which is European Union, and speaks Russian. Elena is the main contact between Russia and the Netherlands. She also takes care of the logistics, and is our main point of contact in the WhatsApp group. We also found other volunteers in the Netherlands who share the same goals and core values just like us. Together we’re a strong team that have every pet its best interest at hart.

We both live in the Netherlands, we advertise those pets on local platforms, do all the adoptive parent screening so that those cuties find and deserve a warm loving family to start the life as they should have in the first place. For now, just in the Netherlands, but soon in other European countries.

ANBI status

The Cosmopolitan Pets Foundation is registered with ANBI status. 


  • Marco Peters
    +31 (6) 2508 4618
  • Elena Smirnova
    +31 (6) 1366 2585
  • Natalia Lysenko
    treasurer/tax partner
    +31 (6) 8117 9002

1. Offering a pet a good future through adoption in the Netherlands. Cosmopolitan Pets offers (stray) dogs/cats from reliable Russian partners for adoption. We mediate the match between dog/cat and potential adopter and provide thorough aftercare after the adoption.

2. Reducing the number of stray dogs/cats through sterilisation/neutering. We do this by offering financial support for on-site medical costs and projects.

3. Contributing to awareness on the spot through education. We support and help our Russian partners with local projects aimed at animal-friendly handling of (stray) dogs/cats and the importance of neutering/sterilisation.

Check our policy plan here.

Stichting Cosmopolitan Pets

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RSIN number: 862148042
Contact: Marco Peters


Cosmopolitan Pets Foundation
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Plaats: Haarlem
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Check here statutes from the Cosmopolitan Pets Foundation


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