Rescued does not mean damaged
It means it has been let down by humans
You can't change a dog past
but you can rewrite it's future
Second hand pets
make first class animals
I adopted my
best friend
I got to grow old
because I was adopted

Elena Smirnova


As far as I can remember, we have always had animals found on the street at home. Since my early childhood, I could not pass by a lonely kitten or dog on the streets… It’s good that my mother shared my kindness. Unfortunately, in Latvia, where I come from and in other countries, animals are born and die on the street …

Since my childhood, I had this dream to save animals and to open up a shelter. As a teenager, almost all my friends got a kitten from me.

I also moved to Holland with my beloved Apollo, a cat rescued from the street. And no matter how difficult my life is, Apollo is always with me!

When stability came to my life, I began to help financially animals in Latvia and Greece. Then I met volunteers in Russia and decided to help their animals find a warm home in Holland. My husband supported me all the way with my ambitions. We placed some puppies in excellent families and sent more inquiries. There were also many responses of help from familiar people. So we came up with the idea and the need to open our own fund and find warm homes for these pets officially and to raise money to help those who are in great need of it. Many people want to help, but do not know how and do not trust funds. We want to be 100% transparent and attract as many people as possible to help poor souls!

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