Rescued does not mean damaged
It means it has been let down by humans
You can't change a dog past
but you can rewrite it's future
Second hand pets
make first class animals
I adopted my
best friend
I got to grow old
because I was adopted

Marco Peters


I grew up with pets, and I absolutely love them. We had cats, a dog, bird and even guinea pigs! I remember that my parents bought me and my sister two kittens: Tom & Jerry, named after the cartoon TV shows. Tommy was a very big male cat, and not very social. He was shy, and he didn’t like to be touched except for me. He was my buddy for life. Tommy always went to bed with me, and slept at the top of my pillow.

So why did I tell you this story? Well, it’s just that I have such a great childhood memories of my pets, and especially Tommy was a big part of my life. Now, with the birth of Cosmopolitan Pets Foundation, we can do the same for other adoptive parents. The feeling of joy that I feel, when their dream pet will become a part of their lives and memories, is indescribable for me, and gives me so much energy to help more pets to find their warm home, and become this memory for other children as well.

When my wife told me about her childhood dreams, I knew and felt that this is what I should do: help pets from unbearable situations, and change their lives. Together with my wife, we want to grow the foundation, and become big enough in the future to really make a difference!

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