Rescued does not mean damaged
It means it has been let down by humans
You can't change a dog past
but you can rewrite it's future
Second hand pets
make first class animals
I adopted my
best friend
I got to grow old
because I was adopted

Olga Evseeva


Olga Evseeva is a volunteer from Moscow. I graduated from the geography Department of Moscow State University. For the last 20 years I worked for the LUKOIL Oil company. Now I work at the Academy of Sciences.

I do animal rescue for a long time. More than 30 years. In 1989, I became a member of the Moscow society for the protection of animals. During this time, I personally saved more than 1000 dogs and cats. In addition, I have always helped to save animals to other volunteers and people who care for many animals.

The situation with homeless dogs and cats in Russia is very difficult. Animal shelters are few and crowded. Puppies in shelters almost do not survive, because there are a lot of infections, there are not enough workers, there are not enough funds, there is no good animal care. Volunteers like me save dogs and cats that are dying of hunger and disease on the streets of cities, in the countries, in fields, in parks, in industrial zones.

How does the rescue from the street work? When I find puppies that, for example, were born under an abandoned house, or dogs that no one needs, or kittens in the country where no one lives in the winter, I always take up their rescue. First of all, I appeal to the owners of paid fosters to accept animals. I take them to the clinic, pass tests, treat them, and pay for all necessary medical procedures. A lot of animals pass through my hands: among them are old dogs, which I pay for life living, and wild dogs, which I pay for classes with a dog handler, and sick puppies and kittens, which need to pay for treatment. Therefore, I often have to raise funds for this on Facebook or from my friends. People have known me for a long time, trust me and always donate money to a good cause.

When dogs or cats are healthy and vaccinated, I start looking for their families. In Russia, it is very difficult to find a family, because there are so many animals. That’s why I always turn to my foreign friends for help. I am supported by volunteers in Germany and America. And today I am very happy that I met such wonderful people as Elena and Marco, thanks to whom many small puppies have already found their families in the Netherlands! Thank you! I hope that with your help I will be able to save many more animals!