Rescued does not mean damaged
It means it has been let down by humans
You can't change a dog past
but you can rewrite it's future
Second hand pets
make first class animals
I adopted my
best friend
I got to grow old
because I was adopted

How we support other volunteers all over the world

We sincerely hope that people will be able to share our passion and love for the less fortunate animals and support our cause. But there are many organizations worldwide that focus on the stray dogs with honesty, courage and self sacrifice. There are people, who support hundreds of animals, by providing them shelter, paying for vaccines, dog food, medicines, chips, passports, out of their shortage. We, at the Cosmopolitan Pets Foundation, we transfer a very large amount of our donations, to specific volunteers around the world. We have researched thoroughly the organizations we support and we know that they do what they do, driven by love for the animals. All donations, received by us and transferred to other volunteers, are available on this website. We like to be 100% transparent about all our transactions since this is one of our core values and we never deviate from it! Supporting other volunteers or shelters is not only about money. Cosmopolitan Pets are also fostering pets in our own living environment and take our time to find the perfect family for each animal.

Who are we currently supporting?

Russian Volunteers

At the moment, Russian volunteers are our primary source of pets. These women actively help animals and they pay most of the expenses from their own pockets and donations.

Batumi Shelter

Batumi shelter is located in Georgia, and is a very basic shelter that rescues cats and dogs from the streets. The shelter is ran by two volunteers and the conditions are not ideal due to the lack of funding. But those volunteers have hearts of gold and desperately need help. Our goal is to help this shelter feed the pets there. The monthly cost for wetfood is €200. One of the volunteers is the uncle of Elena Smirnova, Andre Malc.

More info can be found here.

Association Animal Assistance Service

This is a shelter located in Latvia.

More info can be found here.

Argiro’s Shelter

Argiro’s shelter is actually a private field where she has added some improvised dog houses. She used to save dogs from the street and keep them at her house. But her endless love for the less fortunate dogs, has lead her to keep dozens of dogs in her house and made her living arrangements unbearable. So she decided to move most of the dogs to the shelter that she rans based only on her own expenses! So she has a total of 30 dogs in the shelter. The dogs with health problems are still in her home, so she still has 4 or 5 dogs living with her! A true volunteer driven by the the pure love for the less fortunate. Hopefully all her dogs will be adopted, since all her animals have a lot of love to give.

More info van be found here.

Takis Shelter non profit organisation

Takis was passing from the rubbish area of his hometown Ierapetra Greece and that changed his life. There, he found a dog with broken leg that he started to take care. Soon he was taking care of 40 dogs in that area. People started threatening him so Takis bought a land and built Takis Shelter in 2013. Soon Takis’ money run out and he had no help from local authorities or from the government. He created his Facebook page in 2015 so that people can see his work and donate. Takis is running the shelter alone with volunteers and the shelter is running 100% by donations. The shelter now hosts more than 350 dogs, 50 cats, 2 sheep and 6 goats. The monthly expenses of the shelter are around €8000


The situation in Greece concerning animals is dire. The economic crisis caused a lot of people to abandon their pets on the streets and because most of the animals were not castrated they multiplied leading to thousands of stray dogs and cats. Most of them live on the street, malnourished in terrible conditions, while Greeks and their government are completely indifferent. The burden falls on the few volunteers like Takis and Argiro to try and change the situation.


Our Experts

Marco Peters


Founder of the Cosmopolitan Pets Foundation. Marco is responsible for the Dutch market, strategy and all IT related work

Elena Smirnova


Founder of the Cosmopolitan Pets Foundation. Elena is responsible of the logistics and communication with Russian volunteers

Elena Herman


Elena is responsible for communication with adoptive parents, and also one of the contact persons with the volunteers in Russia